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Creeping Cave

Peștera Muierilor, or Peștera Muierii (Romanian for “The Women’s Cave”, or “The Woman’s Cave”), is an elaborate cave system located in the Baia de Fier commune, Gorj County, […]

Scarisoara Cave

Scarisoara Ice Cave houses the second biggest underground glacier in south-eastern Europe. This makes it one of the most important caves in Romania. In some cases, the glacier […]

Ponor Cave

Known as the most imposing and splendid lime formations in Romania, Cetatile Ponorului (Fortress of Ponor) lie in the Apuseni Mountains, more specific, in the Northern part of […]

The Cave of the Live Glacier

The cave of the living fire glacier is located in Apuseni National Park at an altitude of about 1165 m, hosting the third largest glacier in Romania, with […]

Wind Cave

Peștera Vântului (Wind Cave) is the largest cave in Romania, with a length of almost 52 km (total length of passages). It is situated in the Pădurea Craiului […]

Ialomicioara Cave

High up in the mountainous Bucegi Natural Park just south of Brasov, the tiny white Orthodox monastery of Ialomicioara sits underneath a sheer cliff face; it was built […]

Limanu Cave

Limanu cave is located in the southern part of Romania, the village Limanu. Limanu cave is not far from the village. Prominent historian Vasile Parvan Keiris identified the […]

Bears Cave

Bears’ Cave (Romanian: Peștera Urșilor) is located the western Apuseni Mountains, on the outskirts of Chişcău village, Bihor County, northwestern Romania. It was discovered in 1975 by “Speodava”, […]